Pure Agarwood Oil Malaccencis

Pure Agarwood Oil Malaccencis

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Pure Agarwood Oil - 12 ml (1 Tola)

This agarwood oil is well known for its rareness, preciousness and usefulness. Our pure oil is sourced from raw agarwood chip of wild trees, which mostly can be found in Malaysian jungles. As we produce our oil, to ensure its best quality, pureness and cleanliness, our agarwood oil is thoroughly processed and distilled from initial part until the end. 

Since centuries pure agarwood oil is widely used as theurapic uses in Ayurverdic medicines. It's also used as aromatherapy. As the world is advancing, recently pure oil is also largely used in perfumery production. 

Other names of Agarwood oil are oudh oil, gaharu oil, aloeswood oil

The display price is a retail price for any small quantity purchasing. For large quantity purcahsing, agents and stokists, Kindly do contact us for special price. 


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