Gaharu Herbal Tea
Gaharu Herbal Tea

Gaharu Herbal Tea

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Gaharu Herbal Tea - 1 Box (20 Sachets)

Gaharu herbal tea is a tea with high quality and enriched with nutrient values. Formulated with best quality gaharu and herbal leaf altogether. Gaharu leaves are 100% from Gaharu tree planted in our very plantation. The finest leaves are hygienically and thoroughly handpicked, processed and produced with best hands.  

This best quality tea will awaken your senses while providing you with various health benefits. Gaharu tea herbal is preservative free. It is packed neatly in a foil package to maintain freshness of the tea leaves.

Regain your inner self balance, awaken your spirit and revitalize your body as this aromatic tea offers you rich organic with a fresh, soothe and unforgettable taste.


Benefits :-

  1. Helps in insomnia problem.
  2. Lower cholesterol level in blood.
  3. Remove uric acid in body.
  4. Enriched with antiobiotic


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