Gaharu Coffee With Apricot
Gaharu Coffee With Apricot

Gaharu Coffee With Apricot

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Gaharu Coffee with Apricot - 1 Box (15 Sachets) 

This formulation blended with  Premixed Coffee of Arabica & Robusta, high quality agarwood leaves extractions and Apricot extract that produce a great combination of daily healthy drink for your whole family. This combination makes Gaharu Coffee With Apricot is very unique and tasty to enjoyed in any situation. It gives freshness and energy to your body to remain active throughout the day. 



Benefit’s of Gaharu Coffee With Apricot :
1) Improve Your Energy and Physical Performance 
2) Control Your Sugar Level & High Blood Pressure
3) Lower the Risks of Parkinson & Stroke
4) Helping Blood Circulation in Your Body
5) Make Your Skin Smoother and Anti-Aging
6) Highly Rich With B17 Vitamins That Act Againts Cancer Cells
7) A Better Daily Drink Choice for Chronic Disease Patience such as Stroke, Gout,
8) Kidney Problems, Prostate Cancer, Asthma & Thyroid

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